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Reset or Change Your Password [Students]

If you signed up with an email/password combination you can recover it through email. 

STEP 1: Request a reset password by choosing "Forgot Password?"

Note: If you did not sign up with an email please ask your teacher to help you reset your password.

STEP 2: Enter the email you signed up with then click "Email me a reset link".

STEP 3: Type in a new password and confirm. Then click on the blue "reset password." 

Change Password:

STEP 1: Click on your name and then Choose "My profile." 

STEP 2: Go to "Change Password" section. Then write in your "Current" password

STEP 3: Type in your new password

STEP 4: Confirm your new password

STEP 5: Then finish by clicking "Change Password" 

Recover your username

If you forgot your username, don’t worry. Your teacher can help remind you! They just need to go to their class roster and find your username.

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