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Update your profile

Need to update the information you created your account with? No problem! You can change how you sign in, username, name, avatar, password, and school from your profile page. 

Switch to Google Account

If you signed up with another email or have a new Google Account, you can switch your old account to the new Google Account. 

STEP 1: Select the "Change" button next to your current username.

STEP 2: Select "Switch to Google Account". You will be asked to enter your account information.

Change your username

STEP 1: Select the "Change" button next to your current username.

STEP 2: Enter a new email address and select "Done".

Change your name

STEP 1: Enter the first name and last name that you would like to change your name to. Then select "Save".

Change your avatar

STEP 1: Select the "Change Avatar" button.


STEP 2: Select an image to upload OR enter an image URL.

Change your password

To change your password enter your current password, the password you would like to change to, and then confirm the new password.

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Change your School

To change your school, click "Change" next to your school name. 

Then type the new school name, and click "submit." This will send our support team a request to move you to the proper school.

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