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Which Plan is Right for Me?

To help you implement the best practices for reading comprehension Actively Learn has four different plans:

  • Free 
  • Personal
  • Team 
  • School/ District Plan

For more information on what each plan includes and pricing: http://www.activelylearn.com/pricing/

Free Plan

For infrequent use or for trying out Actively Learn. 

Includes the following features:

  • Thousands of free text and many with ready-made assignments.
  • Thousands of copyright texts for rent as low as 50 cents per student
  • Limit of 3 internet articles, Google Docs, or PDFs uploads per month
  • Embed questions, notes, and media directly into an assignment
  • Google Classroom integration

Personal Plan

For an individual teacher to buy for his or her class. It is $18 a month. 

Everything in Free AND

  • Unlimited internet articles, Google Docs, and PDF uploads
  • Will not be charged for month June and July
  • Assignment data with each student's reading time, text progress, vocabulary lookups, and more
  • Class data reports showing student engagement, effort, proficiency along standards, and vocabulary
  • Daily student activity report emailed to your inbox
  • Export gradebook to CSV
  • Print assignments and reports
  • Interested in the Personal Plan try it out free for 30 days 

Team Plan

Everything in Personal AND

  • Collaboration via sharing and co-authoring assignments
  • Differentiation with small group and individual assignments
  • Differentiation within assignments by using extra help notes and questions for students that you identify
  • Individual student reports showing proficiency, effort, writing growth, reading log, and vocabulary.
  • Research tools for students to import and annotate content
  • Google Docs add-on for students to import reading and research work in their long-form writing
  • Co-teaching
  • Online PD (live webinars)
  • Priority Support

If you are interested in the team plan CONTACT US HERE 

School Plan 

Everything in Team Plan AND

  • Private school/district library where teacher assignments are shared and stored, forever
  • Independent reading library for students with over 4,000 curated, high-interest nonfiction articles
  • Administrator accounts to get a bird's eye view on quality of assignments and student performance
  • Standards customization
  • Add content to students' independent reading library
  • Content support to import your current e-texts
  • On-site and online PD and customized implementation
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Over 18,000 copyright texts (HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, HMH) included for $20 per student

If you are interested in the School Plan CONTACT US HERE

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