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Co-teaching a class

Do you co-teach a class or a set of classes? If so, Actively Learn (Team or School Plan) allows you and your peer to manage your shared class. There is great value in having two professionals working simultaneously to provide instruction in a classroom. A set of teachers not only bring in a different set of expertise for their students, but get the added benefit of sharing in the responsibility of instruction.They bring in a multitude of approaches into the classroom helping in student growth. Co-teaching can bring a classroom a more accessible curriculum for all students as differentiation and attention to each student's individual needs become a lot easier to accomplish.

When you co-teach a class, you both can:

  • Add/remove assignments
  • Grade students answers
  • View the class Gradebook and data reports
  • Add/remove students
  • Update class settings
  • Move students between classes

You can add any teacher at your school as a co-teacher to your class. To do so:

STEP 1: Select the class from the main menu.

STEP 2: Select the gear. 

STEP 3:  Click on "Co-Teaching"

Image title

STEP 4: Search and select the names of the teachers you would like to Co-teach with and select "INVITE".

Once you select invite you will be co-teaching the class.  Image title

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