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Make Changes to Student Accounts

Resetting a student password

Student who sign up without emails will need your help resetting their passwords. You can easily reset it for them from your roster. 

STEP 1: Select a class

STEP 2: Select Roster tab 

STEP 3: Find your student in the roster, and click "Reset Password"

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STEP 4: Take note of the temporary password and click “Reset”

Make sure to give the student the temporary password.

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Editing student names in roster

You have control over how student names appear in your rosters and gradebooks. Once you update student names, the change is reflected in you roster, gradebook, and the students' account.

FYI: For integrations such as Google Classroom and Clever names are not editable.

STEP 1:  Select a class

STEP 2:  Select the "Roster"

STEP 3:  Find the name you want to edit, and select the "pencil icon"

STEP 4:  Update the name and select "Update"

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