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Update class settings

Edit Class name, Class reading settings, Gradebook settings, Co-teaching, Archive class, Delete class.

To locate Class Settings

STEP 1: Select a class from the main menu.

STEP 2: Click on the gear, and select the setting you want from the drop down menu. 

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Edit Class Name

You can easily make any tweaks to the class name to ensure all the details are up-to-date and accurate. 

Edit Class Name

Class Reading Settings

We recognize that every classroom is different. To tailor how students experience assignments in Actively Learn, you can modify the reading settings. These affect every assignment in the class.

You can change Whether:

  • Shared notes are visible to the class
  • Students see their classmate' responses after answering questions
    • Select whether to show all answers, or only model answers.
  • Students see names or anonymous when they view each other's responses
  • Questions stop students until they answer the question
  • Students see the correct multiple choice answer upon answering the question
  • Students can retry Short Answer questions without teacher reset 
  • notifications are enabled within your assignments
  • Students can select and translate text to another language
  • Students can lookup words they don't understand
  • Students can have texts read aloud to them

Gradebook Settings

Actively Learn uses Marzano's Standards Based Grading. You can change the labels that appear for your short answer responses as well as customize the point values for each question type (short answer questions, multiple choice). 

STEP 1: Select a class, the the Gear icon, then "Gradbook setting"

STEP 2: Choose the Grade titles you want to appear in your grading panel for short answers, or "add your own" custom labels. Once done, select "Save".  

STEP 3: If need be adjust the point values for short answers and multiple choice according to your grading schema. 

Co-teaching [Team]

There is great value in having two professionals working simultaneously to provide better instruction in a classroom. A set of teachers not only bring in a different set of expertise for their students, but get the added benefit of sharing in the responsibility of instruction.They bring in a multitude of approaches into the classroom helping in student growth. Co-teaching can bring a classroom a more accessible curriculum for all students as differentiation and attention to each student's individual needs become a lot easier to accomplish.

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Archive / Delete Class

If your main menu is filled with too many classes, or has classes you are not teaching at the moment you can choose to archive the classes. This will save the classes for later review. If you don't need your class or it's related data you can delete it altogether. This means the class and it's associated data will be unrecoverable. 

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