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Assignment reading settings

We recognize that you might want to tailor how students experience individual assignments in Actively Learn.  You can now change reading settings for a specific assignment within a class or sets of classes. 

Locate Assignment Settings 

STEP 1: Select the class then assignments. 


STEP 2: Click on the "SETTINGS" button and select the assignment you want to apply the settings to. 

STEP 3: Select "customize reading settings for this assignment." 

Make the changes you want, then click "SAVE."

This is what the changes look like on the students end. 

  • Shared notes are visible or not visible to the class

  • Students see or don't see their classmates' responses after answering questions
    • Select whether to show all answers, or only model answers.

  • Students see names or anonymous when they view each other's responses

  • Questions stop or don't stop students until they answer.

  • Students see or do not see the correct multiple choice answer upon answering the question

  • Students can or cannot retry Short Answer questions without teacher reset 

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