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The Catalog in Actively Learn allows you to discover and add any content that you love. You can discover the thousands of cross-curriculum texts in our the Catalog in three distinct ways: the Featured Content Page, filters, or instant search.

Browsing the Featured Content Page

Once you enter our Catalog, you will see a "Netflix-style" Featured Content Page. On this page, you will see top curated content grouped by popular and timely themes -- ranging from "Classic Texts" to "Coming Of Age" and "Black History Month."  Click on any of these tiles to add them to your Workspace.

Using our filters

If you don't find anything on our Featured Page, and you're unsure of which text you want to add from the Catalog, browsing our texts by filtering is your best bet. All of our content is organized by multiple categories that appear on the left side of the Catalog, so finding what you need is simple. Click on the categories you want to filter by, and your results will automatically appear 30 texts at a time. Click on more categories to narrow your results even more! Every time you select another filter, the texts remaining have all the attributes you selected. 

Catalog - Filter

Using instant search

If you have a particular title, author, publisher, or theme in mind, you can use our search box to instantly see if our Catalog has what you're looking for!

Catalog - Search

Text details

When you select a text in our Catalog, you’ll see a pop-up with the author, publisher, category, description of the text, Lexile score, number of pages, an image, and price if it’s a paid text. You will also see selection and preview options for Featured Assignments and plain text (without any questions, notes, or media). 

Text details

Requesting Texts

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our Catalog after searching or filtering?

You'll see the "Request Text" button when there are no results. Click it and fill in the appropriate fields. Our team will review the request to help improve the Catalog.

Interacting with Catalog Texts

Adding a text from the Catalog to your Workspace

Our Catalog has thousands of texts and pre-created assignments that you can use easily with your classes. We have canonical ELA texts, current events, high-interest articles, and free textbook materials across Social Studies and the Sciences. To discover and add these texts or pre-created assignments, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Click on "Catalog" from the black navigation bar on the left side of your screen. 

  • You will see our Featured Content page with curated categories (Current Events, High-Interest Articles, Classical Short Stories, etc)

STEP 2:  Filter the rest of our content by categories, or search directly by "the title, author, or publisher, or theme you had in mind!

STEP 3: Once you have found a text you would like to add to your Workspace, select the tile. 

You can preview the text, add the text along with the featured assignment, or simply add the text by itself.

STEP 4. After selecting your text or pre-created assignment, a confirmation will appear notifying you that the text is in your Workspace.

  •  Click "Go to Workspace" to view your updated workspace
  •  Or "Stay in Catalog" to continue browsing

The text you selected will now be in your Workspace! 

Assigning Texts from Workspace

To assign the article from your workspace ;

STEP 1: Select the "Assign" button from the center of the screen.

STEP 2: Check off the assignment(s) you want, and click "Next"

STEP 3: A pop-up will appear. Check off the class or classes you want to assign to and click   "Assign."

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