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Add your own texts

You can currently bring Internet Articles, Google Docs, and PDFs to Actively Learn. We know you already use these with your students, and we want to make it simple to bring that content into Actively Learn! Try this feature for free 3 times.

Internet Articles

STEP 1: Go to your “Workspace”. 

STEP 2: Click on "Add Content"  and select “Import internet article.”

STEP 3: Go to the article that you want to add. Copy your article's URL. 

Simply highlight and copy all of the text in your browser's address bar:

STEP 4: Go back to your Actively Learn Workspace. Paste the article's URL, and then click "Next":

STEP 5:  Edit the article's title and author if necessary. Select the grade level, category of the text, unit (optional), and select "Done." 

STEP 6: That's it! The internet article will now appear in your Workspace!

STEP 7: If your articles doesn't import correctly, please let us know by selecting the authoring icon and selecting “Report import error”.  Thanks! 

Google Docs

The platform does its best job at importing Google Docs with your formatting, but images sometimes move around due to text wrapping. Please format text wrapping around images to "break text" to preserve image location in Actively Learn. 

Here is our Google Doc Formatting Guide

STEP 1: From your Workspace, select “Add Content” then "Import Google Doc”.

STEP 2: Sign in to your Google account

STEP 3: Select the Google Doc that you want to bring into Actively Learn:

STEP 4: And your Google Doc (with all your custom formatting) will be available in your Workspace!


A couple of things to note before getting started with PDFs:

  1. PDFs may be blocked for your students by the school or district. Send your school tech team this brief to help them unblock this.  To work around this, you may want to convert your PDF document to a Google Doc as outlined in this guide.
  2. Additionally, because PDFs are designed not to be editable:
    • You are only able to add questions at the bottom of each page. (Instead of anywhere in the text like every other text.)
    • You cannot rotate pages once a document has been uploaded. You CAN do it with other tools before you upload the PDF to Actively Learn
    • Navigating between pages requires using the dropdown in the navigation bar, or pressing on the arrows at the top or bottom of the text.
    • Some PDFs that you may have scanned in will not have a digital text layer that will let you and students annotate. If this is the case, you will see a message when you try and select some text. In this situation, you may want to convert your PDF document to a Google Doc to try and have Google "extract" the text. You can then import the new Google Doc version of your former PDF.

STEP 1: Get the PDF setup as you want it displayed when you import it.

(Rotate pages, etc) You may use common tools like Adobe Reader or http://www.rotatepdf.net/ to do this.

STEP 2:  In Actively Learn, start by clicking “Workspace”. 

You can think of your "Workspace" as your desk where you will bring in content and create instruction over that content. 

STEP 3: Choose “Add content”, then select “Upload PDF”.

STEP 4: “Select File” button. This will open your local drive. Choose the file from your local drive to upload. 

Input information such as: title, author, grade level, and category. Make sure to double check for accuracy. 

STEP 5: Then select "UPLOAD", the item will appear in your Workspace!

It may take a couple moments to upload your file, depending on its size.

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