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Paid Texts

In addition to a diverse range of free content you can add from the Actively Learn Catalog, you can also rent popular titles that are still copyright protected. We have partnered with publishers such as HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster to provide you with titles that are most relevant in today's classrooms. 

Parts to the rental process

1. Rent Texts

2. manage Purchased texts

3. Renew teacher license

4. Renew student licenses

5. Extend rental Period

Rent Texts

We have over 18,000 titles that can be rented.  You can rent these in a few simple steps as shown below. 

The title you bought will be available for you in your Workspace. 

To assign texts that you have purchased from the Catalog, follow the steps in this help article.

NOTE: The rental period will begin for both teachers and students once the text is opened.

Manage Purchased Content

After purchasing copyright content from the Actively Learn Catalog, you need to grant your students access to the purchased text before they can begin reading.

To manage any content purchased from the Catalog, follow these simple steps: 

STEP 1: Select "Workspace"

The Workspace contains all your content -- whether you paid for it or not. The texts that you paid for will have a "$" on the bottom of the tile.

STEP 2: Select "More" then Choose "Manage purchased content" from the drop-down. 

STEP 3: Select the text you would like to manage. 

STEP 4: You can now manage the licenses you have bought. You will see how many licenses you've bought, how many are available, and a class-by-class breakdown of students. 

To grant student access, simply click on the box next to the student's name. You can always come back to this screen to give out the unused licenses you've bought. Once you have finished, click "Done" at the bottom right of the page. All changes will take effect immediately!

If you ever need to buy more of a specific title, you can do this in a few simple steps. 

Teacher License Renewal

If your license expires before you are finished using the text, you'll have the option to extend your license by purchasing a new 3 month license. Assignments on expired licenses will not be deleted. In order to access an assignment with an expired license, just purchase a new license. 

STEP 1: Go to your Workspace, select the text you want to renew the license for. 

STEP 2: Fill out the payment information, and select 'buy'

Student Licence Renewal

To renew expired student licenses:

STEP 1:  Go back to your 'Workspace'. 

STEP 2: Select More, then 'Manage Paid Content'.

STEP 3: Select the text you want to renew expired licenses for, click "need more licenses"

STEP 4: Add in the number of student licenses you want and 'buy'.

STEP 5: Assign the new licenses to the students you want to re-gain access.

As a reminder, you will still need to assign the purchased text to your classes as you would any other text, before your students can begin reading. Here's the article on how: "Assigning A Text To A Class".

Extended Rental Period 

We have permission from a subset of our publisher to offer extended rental periods beyond 3 months. 

  • For HarperCollins, you can also rent their titles for 6 month or 1 year terms.
  • For Highlights, Inc! content, you can also rent their titles for 6 month or 1 year terms.
  • For Jump! Inc. content, you can also rent their titles for 6 month or 1 year terms.

For the above publishers, if you would like to purchase paid content with extended rental periods, please email yoko@activelylearn.com.

Unlimited paid content Add-On

If your school has purchased the unlimited paid add-on, you have access to over 18,000 copyrighted texts from (HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, HMH, Penguin Random House). 

Note: You don't have to pay for any of the texts yourself. But as per publisher agreement you do need to go through the process of selecting the number of licenses you need and assign licenses to your students. Your texts do expire as well after the 3 month rental period at which point you can renew them by repeating the process. 

For more on renewing refer to the sections on renewing student and teacher licenses. 

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