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There are 2 types of quizzes in Actively Learn: a standalone quiz, or an assignment marked as a quiz. Unlike assignments, students will not be able to see the correct response after answering a question. 

Tips on creating a great quiz:
  • Aligning questions to learning objective
    Students will always want to achieve the best grade. If questions are aligned with the learning objective, students who receive good grades are understanding what the teacher finds most important. If assessments are misaligned, good grades will not necessarily reflect understanding of the learning objective.
  • Variety of questions
    Having a variety of question types is important. Since multiple choice questions mainly test students ability to recall information, it is important to add short answer questions. Short answer questions will push students to show their ability to strategically think through and analyze text.  
  • Different levels of difficulty
    Varying the difficulty can help determine where each student is at in their learning.This will help teachers identify which students are struggling with understanding the learning objective.

Creating a Quiz

STEP 1: Select Workspace from the main menu.

STEP 2: Select "Add my own content", and then "Create quiz"

STEP 3: Add details to your quiz, and click "Create Quiz"

STEP 4: The quiz will appear in your workspace

STEP 5: Add directions for your students

STEP 6: Click “Add Question” to add your first question.

STEP 7: Select a question type, add a standard, and add question details. Press Done when complete.

STWP 8: Press "Add Question" to continue to add questions to this quiz. (You can always move questions around by pressing the arrow in the upper right of each question box.)


STEP 9: Select the back arrow to return to your Workspace.

STEP 10: Assign the quiz to your class

Randomize order of questions

For standalone quizzes you can randomize the order of questions. This is a good check for preventing cheating on quizzes. 

STEP 1: Open a quiz from your Workspace, and select "Authoring options"

STEP 2: Select "Randomize questions" then "yes"

Your students will now see the questions in a random order. 

Mark an assignment as a quiz

Instead of a list of questions, you may want your students to read a text for a quiz.

STEP 1: Open a text from your workspace

STEP 2: Click on the "Authoring options" icon from the top left of the screen. Select "Mark assignment as quiz"Image title


STEP 2: Select the quiz you want to apply settings to

STEP 3: Select "customize reading settings for this quiz." Make adjustments as needed and select "save" . 

Important: When an assignment is marked as a quiz, all social features are turned off, students don't see answers after completing multiple choice questions, and questions do not stop readers in the text.

Locking quizzes

Unlike locking an assignment, locking quizzes prevents students from being able to OPEN a quiz.

This is helpful to prevent cheating from one period to another.

STEP 1: Select the class the quiz is in from the class list, then the "Assignments" tab

STEP 2: Click on the "Lock/Unlock" 

STEP 3: Select the quiz you'd like to lock

STEP 4: Click on the date & time drop-down to add the time you'd like to lock the assignment. The date defaults to current time and date. Then select "Apply" then "Lock"

Randomize order of responses

You can randomize the order in which students see the multiple choice answers inside a quiz. This is another valuable tool to prevent cheating. 

STEP 1: Click on the question, and check "Randomize choices for students"

Print Quizzes Personal Plan and Up

Both teachers and students can print Quizzes

STEP 1: Go into a text, select the book icon, then Print

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