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Organize your Texts with Labels

If the number of assignments in your Workspace is adding up, use labels to organize those assignments. Assignments can be tagged with multiple labels, making it a flexible organization system. You can also pin the labels you use frequently to quickly access those labeled texts. Students are able to see and filter their assignments using your labels. 

Add Labels

STEP 1: Go to your Workspace, Choose “Labels”, and then "Add labels"

STEP 2: Select the text you'd like to label. Then click “Next”

STEP 3: Type in the labels that you want to apply to this text. Add multiple labels by pressing "enter" between labels. Finish by clicking “Save”. 

You can add or remove labels at anytime

Remove Labels

STEP 1: Open the label menu, then click “Remove labels”

STEP 2: Select the label you want to remove and select “Remove” 

Pin Labels

STEP 1: Open the label menu, then click “Manage pinned labels” 

STEP 2: The popup will show all labels in your Workspace. Select the ones you'd like to pin.

STEP 3: Click Done

STEP 4: You can select a label, and it will filter your Workspace to only show texts with that label.

Organize assignments for students

When you label an assignment your students can see the label. This allows students to filter their assignments by label.

As a student:

STEP 1: Open the label menu

STEP 2: Select a label from the dropdownImage title

STEP 2: Students assignments are now filtered on the label you selectedImage title

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