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Question options

By selecting “OPTIONS” you can customize your question in many ways. You can:

  • Add another standard
  • Add DoK
  • Add media
  • Add extra help
  • Move question
  • Change weight

Add another standard

Trying to asses 2 standards at once. You can now do this by adding a second standard to questions. 

To do this:

STEP 1: Select "options", then "Add another standard". 

STEP 2: Select which Standard set you would like to add.

STEP 2: From the 2nd standard picker select the standard you want to add, then save your questions.

Add DoK

To help teachers continue creating rich learning environments for high level student performance, we have included Norman Webb's Depth of Knowledge Levels. The DoK Levels added by teachers to questions will be reflected in Reports, so teachers can easily track and show growth of students understanding in an individual assignment from start to end. Now teachers can easily track and show growth of student understanding in an individual assignment from start to end. 

What do individual DoK Levels help you assess? 

  • Level 1: Recall -  Focus here is on specific facts, information, details, and procedures e.g specific definitions, details, applies simple steps. 
  • Level 2: Skills and Concepts - Processing of conceptual knowledge, comparing and contrasting, extracting main points, interpreting facts etc. More content knowledge required here than Level 1. Actions require more than one step. 
  • Level 3: Strategic Thinking -  Focus is on reasoning based on deep knowledge: which include understanding and rationalizing thoughts, manifesting them into achievable steps. E.g Drawing conclusions from Examples, citing evidence to support a logical argument, concept based explanations. 
  • Level 4: Extended Thinking - Focus is on applying complex reasoning, experimental design, and planning over an extended period of time. It requires extended investigation (research) and time to process information and problem solving. Students are required to make multiple connections, relate ideas to specific content area(s), and select an approach from among many as a solution. 

To learn more about the DoK framework, you can refer to Brenda Matthews' presentation:


To add Depth of Knowledge Levels:

STEP 1: Select “OPTIONS” then “Add DoK”


STEP 2: Select the depth of Knowledge Level you want. 

 View a student's proficiency by DoK Level in your Student Reports[Team Plan]

This will give you real-time metrics on how your students are engaging with texts, and how they are performing by DoK Levels. 

Add Media

Do you want to compliment your questions with media such as images or videos? Do you want to ask a question about media content? You can do that easily by;

STEP 1: Select “OPTIONS” then “Add Media”.

STEP 2: Paste in the URL and select "SAVE."

Add extra help 

We understand providing instructional support for students as they are answering questions is beneficial. To help facilitate that process we have added extra help in questions. 

NOTE: Remember to select “Extra Help” in the Roster for the students you want to give extra help to in questions. 

To Add extra help: 

STEP 1: Select “OPTIONS” then “Add extra help”

STEP 2: Write in the “EXTRA HELP” box and select “SAVE”. 

Move Question

To move a question to a different part of the text:

STEP 1: Click on the question you would like to move to open it. 

STEP 2: Select the "Options" button, then "Move"

STEP 3: Highlight the part of the text where you would like to move the question, then select "move question here".

That's it! :)

Change Weight

Allows you to allocate differentiated point values for short answer responses and multiple choice questions based on difficulty, or other criteria.

STEP 1: Select “OPTIONS”, then “Change Weight” 

STEP 2: Choose 1x, 2x, or 3x and “SAVE”.

What does 1x, 2x, 3x mean? For our default gradebook settings where each short answer response is out of 10 points.  1x=10 points, 2x=20points, 3x=30points. 

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