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Printing Assignments [Personal Plan]

In Actively Learn, teachers have a few different ways to print out their assignments and student work. Printing requires the Personal plan or higher. 

Important: Copyrighted text will not have a print option

What you can print:

  • Summary of student answers in an assignment
  • Summary of student notes in an assignment
  • Copy of assignment with embedded questions and notes. Notes will be added at the end of the print job

Print out an assignment for students

STEP 1: Open an assignment from the Workspace

STEP 2: Select the book icon and click print

STEP 3: We recommend you remove background graphics and change to no margins

Select More options

Then None for Margins and uncheck the background graphics (like shown below)

The assignment will the text, embedded questions, and notes

Print out a summary of student answers

STEP 1: Select a class, then open an assignment

STEP 2: Select the grading icon

STEP 3: Select the "Actions" button

STEP 4: Select Print

Print out a summary of student notes

Step 1: Select a class, and then open an assignment

Step 2: Select the "Notes and Questions" icon, and pick "View Notes"

STEP 3: Filter for a specific student or note type, and then click on the print icon.

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