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Welcome! You're about to join the world's best interactive reading platform that engages, motivates, and supports students in the best reading environment for deep learning. There are a few different ways to sign up:

Teacher sign up

Go to www.activelylearn.com and click "TEACHERS SIGN UP"

If your screen looks very different from what you're seeing in the screenshot below, you may have something blocking proper loading (browser add-ins, building internet filtering). You should send this to your school IT team to have them unblock Actively Learn.

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Sign up with Google

Signing up with Google lets you take advantage of our Google Classroom integration for roster management, as well as not needing to remember another password!

STEP 1: Select "Sign up with Google"

[If necessary] Select your school Google Account.

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STEP 2: Select 'allow' permissions. 

This will tie your Actively Learn account to this email address, and allow us to access your basic profile your first and last name. 

STEP 3: Add additional details about your school & your role, and select "Complete sign up with Google". 

(We ask for more details because we like to give you a text you might want to use with your students as a trial assignment!)

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Sign up with an email address

If you don't have a Google Account or Clever setup at your school, you can still use Actively Learn!

STEP 1: Enter details for your new account, and press "Sign up"

Required information include: Title, first name, last name, email address, password.  

STEP 2: Add your school & grade details, then press "Complete sign up"

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Sign up with Clever

Signing up with Clever is something that makes signing in super simple for Actively Learn partner schools & districts. Teachers & students simply use their main login credentials provided by the school/district.

STEP 1: Select "Sign up with Clever"

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STEP 2: Search for your school, pick it from the list that.

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STEP 3:  Pick how you'll log in.

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STEP 4: Then enter your credentials on the next screen. (This screen may look different!)

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Sign up with Edmodo

If you are already using Edmodo for your Class you can now easily 

STEP 1: Click on the Edmodo button. 

STEP 2: Fill the login in information. 

STEP 3: You will be brought to your actively learn workspace. 

After completing sign up

You may start our introductory tour with a video to see how students experience reading, and then take a tour of how to create your first assignment.

If you have any trouble creating an account, please reach out to us at help@activelylearn.com

Student sign up

STEP 1: Go to www.activelylearn.com and click "STUDENTS SIGN UP"

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STEP 2: You'll have 4 different options to sign up:

Option 1: Create an account in Actively Learn with a username/password.

Note: Students do not need an email address to sign up.

Option 2: Sign up with your Google account.

Option 3: Sign up with your Clever account.

Option 4: Sign up with Edmodo

STEP 3:  Start our introductory video, and join a class if you have not yet done so! 

If you have any trouble creating an account, please ask your teacher for help!

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