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Create a Class & Add Students

In Actively Learn, students are grouped into classes, and texts are assigned to classes.

There are 3 ways to setup your classes:

  1. Importing them from Google Classroom - rosters are managed automatically
  2. Creating a class - students join your classes using class codes.
  3. Importing from Clever - rosters and classes are managed automatically.

Creating a Class

STEP 1: Click the "Add class" button

STEP 2: Enter a name for your class (Students will see this too!), select its grade level, and click “Add.”

STEP 3: Once the class is created, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the unique class code.

Students can use the code to join your newly created class and access assignments. 

Adding students

For classes created directly in Actively Learn (i.e. did not import from anywhere), students will need to create an Actively Learn account, then use the unique class code to join your class. 

Before you begin: Locate your unique class code, which students will use to join your class on Actively Learn. 

To locate the class code, first click on the class you want to add students to on the left hand side of the screen. Your class code is visible in the Roster.

STEP 1: Students create an Actively Learn account from activelylearn.com

Email addresses are not required for students to sign up. Students are listed alphabetically by last name in your class roster. If you would like students to appear in a certain order in your roster and Gradebook, you may want to be prescriptive about how students should enter their names during sign up. You will also be able to edit student names from the roster once their account is created. 

STEP 2: Students enter your unique class code. 

They may use it to join your class when they create their accounts, or by clicking the plus button next to "Classes" in the main menu and entering it. They can enter the class code in pop up that appears, and they will be enrolled in your class. 

Below is a screenshot of what the STUDENT sees:

Google Classroom - Importing classes & rosters

[Warning - Popup blockers may prevent you from being able to import your classes correctly. Please disable your popup blocker or allow popups on activelylearn.com to ensure a smooth import!]

If you have created an Actively Learn account by signing up with your school Google account, you'll have the option of importing your class rosters from Google Classroom to have students join your Actively Learn classes.

STEP: 1 Click "Add class" button

STEP 2: Click Import from Google Classroom

STEP 3: Pick classes you want to import into Actively Learn, then click Import.

Note: You can only import Google Classroom courses and Rosters if you are the original creator of the course on Google Classroom. Once the class has been imported into Actively Learn by the original teacher, they can invite co-teachers into the class on Actively Learn.

Google Classroom - Adding students

Students will need to CREATE an Actively Learn account from activelylearn.com. When creating an account, be sure they click the "Sign Up with Google" button, and use their school Google Account. 

To see who has successfully joined your Actively Learn class, visit your class roster.

  1. Select the class name from the main menu.
  2. Click Roster.
  3. Students in the roster may be displayed in 2 colors:
    1. Grey text indicates students who still need to create an Actively Learn account by signing up with "Sign Up With Google" button using their school Google Account. 
    2. Black text indicates students who have successfully joined the class.

Note: When adding students with Google Classroom students do not need a class code.

Clever - Importing classes & adding students

When you use Actively Learn with Clever, all your rosters are automatically managed by your school's Student Information System. Your students will sign into Actively Learn through Clever, which allows students & teachers to use their regular computer login & password to access Actively Learn.

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