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Join a class [students]

Your teacher has set up a class, has told you to create an account, and to join their class. Easy!

There are 2 ways for students to join a class:

  1. By adding a class code while signing up for Actively Learn 
  2. By and adding a class code after signing up

Note: If you have a Classroom, Clever or Edmodo account you will automatically be enrolled in your teacher's classes as soon as they have them set up. Sign in to your Actively Learn account and see which courses you are in. 

During sign up

STEP 1: Go to: www.activelylearn.com to create an account. 

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STEP 2: If your teacher provided you with a unique class code write it in, fill out the rest of this page and click sign up. 

(Remember: the unique class code is not affiliated with your teacher’s name, school name, or district name. It is a random combination of letters and numbers).

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After sign up

Important: Class codes are provided by the teacher. If you logged in through Clever, Google Classroom, or Edmodo, you will not need a class code. Your teacher will need to sync their roster to get you added. 

STEP 1: Clicking on the + in the main menu.

STEP 2: Input your class code. Then click “Join”

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