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Activate, Support, and Reveal in Assignments

Use the ASR framework in your next assignment!

Reading for depth happens when you Activate, Support, and Reveal student thinking. Try these practices in your next assignment. Use the "Learn More" and "How" links to get additional background or instructions on applying these features in your account. 

Creating your assignment

Activate Add the learning objective for the assignment in your directions to focus students reading.

Learn More | How

Support Insert 1 scaffolding note with an image or video that helps explain a complex idea.

Learn More | How

Instructions for your students while reading

Activate Ask students to take 2 notes related to your learning objective. Encourage them to categorize their notes to drive metacognition.

Learn More | How

Support Ask students to look up at least 2 words using the built-in dictionary to increase awareness of new vocabulary.

 Learn More | How

Grading your assignment

Reveal Grade 1 short answer question in class as students are working to provide them with immediate feedback.

•Bonus: Give them a chance to revise their response to put that feedback promptly into action! 

Learn More | How

Reveal Anonymize student names and grade 1 question as a class to clarify expectations for student work. 

Learn More | How

Download the one-sheeter: Apply ASR in your assignments

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