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Review and grade student work

As students read and answer questions on Actively Learn, teachers can see student thinking, grade responses, and provide individual and timely feedback! Students are more motivated and engaged when they know their teachers are paying attention to their voice, especially in a real world, social reading experience.

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NOTE: Multiple Choice questions are automatically graded.

Which Assignments Require Grading?

STEP 1: Select the appropriate class from the main menu

STEP 2: Make sure you are on the 'Assignments' tab

STEP 3: Here you will be notified if there are ungraded questions for an assignment

Grading in an Assignment

STEP 1: Select the 'Grading' panel

STEP 2: To grade, Teachers mark answers based off their grading settings. 

The one below is set up with the default: zero, Incomplete, Basic, Proficient, Advanced. But the other alternatives are illustrated in the gradebook settings. 

STEP 3: Teachers can add a comment to the grade. Comments within 30 days are auto set for re-use, no need for tedious retypes. 

STEP 4: Students will receive their grades and comments immediately

Mark question as "Not Grading"

If you decide not to grade a question. You can mark question as "NOT GRADING."

NOTE: Choosing not to grade a question means it will not be calculated into the students' grades and will be excluded from the Gradebook report. You can always enable grading for a question if you do change your mind.

Resetting Student Responses

After a student submits an answer to a question, they may request to have their response reset. Allowing students to re-attempt the question is helpful for students, especially if they're incorporating your feedback! You can also do this in bulk for all requests in the assignment.

STEP 1: Students press "Retry Answer"

STEP 2: You see a "Reset Response" (requested by student)" in the grading panel.

Image title

STEP 3: Click on "Reset Requested" in grading panel then "reset".

Image title

STEP 4: Any comment you left for the student is visible to them, and they can now re-attempt the question. 

You'll always be able to see any of the student's prior responses in the question as well as earlier grades you assigned them. 

Review flags for help 

Students can send a private message to you when they do not quite understand a portion of the text. The review flags provide the opportunity to evaluate the passage with the student, or with the whole class. 

These look like flags in the margin of the text:

Image title

When students leave comments, you can reply to them, helping them understand what's going on!

Other Grading Features

Teachers can use a rubric provided by Actively Learn

Teachers can grade anonymously (great for projecting and modeling answers!)

Teachers can print out a summary of their student answers

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