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Revising Answers

After students submit an answer to a question it becomes immediately available for you to grade. (Multiple choice questions are automatically graded.)

When a student wants to change their answer. There are 3 different ways for them to do so.

Undo answers 

Students have 5 seconds to undo their answer after submitting a response.

Retry answer

After 5 seconds, students can request that their teacher reset their responses by clicking the "Revise Answer" button.

The teacher will be notified that this student would like to try again.

Unlimited revisions

Teachers can allow let students freely edit their answers until graded.

To enable this option, click the "settings" icon next to the class name and then "Student reading settings" in the menu that appears.

Uncheck the 'Students can retry Short Answer questions unless their teacher resets response' box and click save

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