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Bulk actions on questions

Bulk grading unanswered questions

When an assignment is done, you may want to bulk grade unanswered questions as Incomplete. Note: Bulk grading unanswered questions overrides saved student drafts. 

STEP 1: Select the class you want to grade. 

STEP2: Click on “Assignments”. 

STEP 3: Choose the tile of the assignment or quiz you want to grade.

STEP 4: Click “Grading”

The grading window will appear on the right side of your screen.

STEP 5: Choose the "Actions" button then "Bulk grade unanswered questions"

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STEP 6:  Choose which unanswered questions you want to bulk grade and click submit.

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If you want to allow a student to respond to a question you have already bulk graded as incomplete, you may go back and "reset response" for the student, or do a bulk reset as described below.

Bulk resetting responses

Is your feedback so motivating to students, that you are swimming in "reset requested" messages? You can bulk reset all responses at once to save yourself from scrolling and resetting them individually.

STEP 1: Following the first 5 steps above.

STEP 2: Select "Reset multiple responses"

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STEP 3: Then select "Reset all," to reset all requested responses.

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