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Assignment Notifications

Notifications alert you students would like to have a question reset or have added an "I don't understand flag" while reading. Notifications can appear in 3 places.

  1. In the main menu
  2. On the assignment tile in your class
  3. On the bell (notification) icon in an assignment

Managing notifications in Assignments

Notifications are listed after clicking on the notification icon inside an assignment. Notifications can be one of two colors, white or grey:

  • White means the notification hasn't been clicked on.
  • Grey means the notification has been clicked on.

To respond to student notifications for I don't understand flag or reset requests.:

STEP 1: Click on the bell icon, then the name of the student.

You can then write a reply or click "reset requested"

Image title

STEP 2: To remove a notification from the popup, click the X. 

Notifications can be enabled or disabled from the class' student reading settings.

What causes a notification?

Students see notifications when they:

  • Share a note with the class
  • Have one of their notes replied to
  • Receive a grade or comment

Teachers get notifications when a student:

  • Requests a reset for a response
  • Flags part of the text as difficult

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