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View grades in the Gradebook

Actively Learn is a great formative assessment tool. The Gradebook is where you can see how your students are doing on their assignments.

Open the Gradebook:

STEP 1: Select a class under "CLASSES", then click "Gradebook." 

A data table will appear consisting of all student names, followed by a grade breakdown for each assignment and cumulative grade totals. 

STEP 2: Explore;

Look at "Completion Percentage 

Here you can view whether students still have additional questions to answer, or whether they have completed an assignment. 

Filter the gradebook by date 

You can adjust the filter to see the progression of assignments by date. Or use this feature to narrow down the grades to specific weeks. 

Navigate the Gradebook view by the left and right arrows

Export Grades (Personal plan or higher) 

You can export your gradebook as it is or filter it by date. 


Change Grading Settings

Actively Learn uses Marzano's Standards Based Grading. In the class settings panel, you can change the labels that appear for your short answer responses as well as customize the point values for each question type (short answer questions, multiple choice). 

STEP 1: Select a class, the the Gear icon, then "Gradebook setting"

STEP 2: Choose the Grade titles you want to appear in your grading panel for short answers, or add your own custom labels. Once done, select "Save".  

STEP 3: If need be adjust the point values for short answers and multiple choice according to your grading schema.

Add custom grading labels [Personal Plan or higher]

If our grading labels don't match with your school or district standards, no worries! Write your own custom labels to help you align more with your school or district standard scales. 

To do this:

STEP 1: Go to your 'grading settings'

STEP 2: From the labels drop-down, select "Add your own"

STEP 3:  Write the custom labels you want to use and click "OK'

These new labels are now visible in your assignments' grading view. 


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