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Assignment Data [Personal Plan and Up]

Information about student performance is generated when they interact with text and assignments are graded. 

Reviewing students’ work gives you a greater understanding of their reading ability, which will help direct your focus to areas they need the most support. There are reports at the Assignment, Class, and Student level that provide real-time metrics on how students perform and how they are engaging with texts.

Assignment Data

For each assignment, you can see information about how your students are engaging with texts. To see this:

STEP 1: Select a class from the main menu, then select an assignment. 

STEP 2: Within the assignment, select the “Assignment Data” icon

STEP 3: For texts with multiple segments, you can view the data for the "current section" next to the student names. 

The data includes: 

  • How much time students have spent reading the assignment (based off their activity in the assignment)
  • How much of the assignment students have completed (based off the number of questions they have answered)
  • How your class is doing on each question (based off how you've graded responses so far)
  • Where & what your students are discussing in the text (based off replies to shared notes)
  • Where your students are struggling with something in the passage (based off "I don't understand" question marks)
  • What words your students are defining in the text (based off students selecting a word and picking "define" when they read)

Export Grades

If you need to export your grades to a spreadsheet, just select the export icon in your assignment reports. 

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