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Provide extra help

Since students need different levels of support, you can easily offer assistance to those who need the most help.

In Notes

"Extra Help" notes allow teachers to differentiate instruction and provide additional scaffolds for their struggling students right when and where they need it. For students you know need extra help while reading, you can show them additional notes as they read. This is a two part process:

Identify which students need extra help

STEP 1: Pick your class from the main menu

STEP 2: Click Roster

STEP 3: Select which students need extra help (and thus see extra help notes).

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Designate notes as "extra help"

When you are adding notes to your assignment, checking the "extra help" checkbox will make that note only visible to students who have been designated as needing extra help in the roster (Part 1). Said another way: Students who do not have the "extra help" checkmark in the roster will NOT see this note when they are reading.

In Questions

You can add "Extra help" to questions to guide students that have the "extra help" checkmark in the roster. 

STEP 1: Click on the question box if you don't already have it open

STEP 2: Select "Options" then "Add extra help".

STEP 3: Add "Extra help" notes and click save.

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