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Share and Co-Author an Assignment

There are a few ways to save time and collaborate with other teachers in Actively Learn.

Collaboration is limited to your school unless you are on the District Plan. Teachers on the District Plan can collaborate with schools in their district.

Send a copy to colleagues 

When you want a colleague to have a copy of an assignment you can “send a copy to colleagues.” Recipients can independently edit the assignment, use in their own classes, and it will not affect your original assignment.

FYI: On the Free Plan teachers can only receive 3 shared assignments.

STEP 1: Select "Collaborate" menu. Then “Send a copy to colleagues”

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STEP 2: Select assignment. Then select “Next”

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STEP 3: Type in the names of colleagues you want to send the assignment(s) to. Then select “Send”

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Co-author Assignments [Team Plan]

When you want to work together and have multiple people embed instruction into an assignment, that's when you'll co-author.

FYI: The original creator of an assignment has the ability to remove invited co-authors. If invited co-authors want to edit their own copy, they can duplicate the assignment.

STEP 1: Select "Collaborate" menu. Then select “Co-author with colleagues”

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STEP 2: Select the assignment you would like Co-author

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STEP 3: Search the names of colleagues you would like to Co-author with. Then select “Invite”

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