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Use the School/ District Library

The School/District Library is a private repository of your school or district's best instruction.

Adding a Text from the School/District Library to your Workspace

Add to School/District Library

Changes you make to the assignment in your Workspace updates the shared copy in the School/District Library. To add an assignment to the School/District Library:

STEP 1: From your Workspace select the "Collaborate" button.

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STEP 2: Select "Add to District (Or School) Library".

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STEP 3: Choose the assignment you would like to add to the School/District Library. Then select the "Next". 

STEP 4: Confirm and "add" the assignment to the School/District Library.

Searching the School/District Library

There are five ways to search the School/District Library:

  1. Search for Title, Author, or Publisher
  2. Sort by Recently Added, Title, Author, Lexile, or Page Count
  3. Sort by Labels
  4. Sort by School
  5. Sort by Teacher

You can search the School/ District by title, author, or publisher using the search bar.

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You can sort the School/District library by recently added, title, author, Lexile, or page count. 

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Labeled assignments that are shared with the School or District Library will allow other teachers to search for texts under those categories. 

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If you are on our District Plan, you can search the District Library by school.

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You can also search by teacher in the School/District Library.

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Remove from School/District Library

Removing an assignment from the School/District library will not allow other teachers from the School/District to view or access the assignment. It will not delete the assignment from the Teacher's Workspace. 

STEP 1: Start in your Workspace and select the "Collaborate" button.

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STEP 2: Choose "Remove from District (or School) Library"

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STEP 3: Select the assignment you would like to remove. Then select "Next".

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STEP 4: Confirm that you wish to remove the assignment.

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