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Research Projects [Students]

Research provides you with an incredible opportunity for a self-directed pursuit of knowledge on a topic of your interest. Go in depth into a subject, and grow your knowledge base. You can then share insights, discoveries, as well as your position on the topic with others. 

To access your Research Projects: 

Select the class you would like to research in. Then select "Research Projects"

Students can add their own content to this section in the form of a Google Doc, Internet Article, or PDF. Click here for a step by step

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Labels may be added to help organize texts (different projects, etc). Students can also move their research from one class to another.

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Student Co-Research

STEP 1: After selecting "Research Projects", select "Collaborate"

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STEP 2: Select the text that you would want to co-research with another student

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STEP 3: Type in the name of the student and select "Invite"

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Citing texts is a vital aspect of a research project. Students can now access citations for their research texts and copy/paste them into their paper or project bibliographies. 

STEP 1: Select “Cite”

STEP 2: Select the text(s) and then “Next”

STEP 3: Select citation style (MLA, APA, or Chicago)

STEP 4: Select “Copy citations” then close. You can now paste into your paper or project bibliography

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