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A crucial part of any research is finding credible sources for your topic. What you should look for in research sources: 

Texts that: 

  • Provide background knowledge
  • Support and those that counter your argument
  • Provide reliable statistical information, timelines, etc. 

Actively Learn makes it easy for you to import and store all your research content in one space for easy access. Get your research going, import Internet articles, Google Docs, and PDFs. 

Internet Articles:

There are two ways for you to import internet articles:

  • Either by chosing 'Add content' from your 'research projects' page 
  • Or a much easier and faster alternative through our Chrome extension

To add from your research projects page: 

STEP 1: Select a class then "Research Projects" tab. 

STEP 2: Select "Add content" then "import internet article. 

STEP 3: Paste in the url and "save" 

Google Docs: 

make sure you are logged in to the Google account from which you would like to upload, then select the article you want imported.

STEP 1: Select a class then "Research Projects" tab. 

STEP 2: Select "Add content" then "import Google Docs".

Make sure you are logged into the Google account you want to import your document from. 

STEP 3: Click on the document you want then "select"

STEP 4: Add text details:


Note: PDF's are harder to annotate, and collaborate on. You can of course convert this into Google Docs if you prefer.

STEP 1: Select a class then "Research Projects" tab. 

STEP 2: Select "Add content" then "upload PDF".

STEP 3: Click "Select File"

STEP 4: Select a file then open

STEP 5: Write in the title, author, and "upload".

STEP 6: The PDF will be uploaded into your research space.

It might take a little while to load up based on file size. 

Move texts between classes

If you added the text to the wrong class in error, or later decided to use it in a different class you can move the text. 

To do this:

STEP 1: Select "More", then "Move"

STEP 2: Select the text you would like to move, and click "next"

STEP 3: Select the class you would like to move the text to. 

The text will now appear in that class' research project section. 

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