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Our mission is to make reading meaningful for every student. By elevating student voice and choice in a real world, social independent reading experience, we hope students will love reading on their own. To help with this, students have access to an Independent Reading library where they can select from a curated set of meaningful and relevant articles from sources such as DOGONews, The NYTimes Learning Network, and others. The free plan of Actively Learn gives access to hundreds of texts, while the paid version of Actively Learn offers thousands.

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How Do My Students Access Independent Reading?

On the navigation menu students can select "Independent reading," to be brought to the Independent Reading Library. 

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What types of articles are in your Independent Reading Library?

The Library has over 3,000 curated high interest articles that students can choose from. We've scoured the web to find the most relevant and thoughtful content across multiple genres from sources that students love: The NYTimes Learning Network, DOGONews, Wonderopolis, and more. Once a student finds and selects an article, they will be redirected to that webpage in a new tab:

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Reviewing and Recommending Articles

When a student finishes any article from the Independent Reading Library, they are encouraged to report how much time they spent, review the text, and also share it with their peers. Once a student returns to their Actively Learn browser tab from the article, they will be prompted to report their reaction. It is our hope that your students will love reading what their peers read, and to build a community of thoughtful readers in Actively Learn!

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What Is Added By Actively Learn?

Actively Learn updates the Independent Reading Library on a monthly basis, and while we curate carefully based on student interests, we understand that you want to be 100% confident in our content's appropriateness. To preview what is available for your students, you can simply click on the "Independent Reading Library" tab to see a preview of the entire collection:

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Can I Add My Own Articles?

Find an interesting Op-Ed article from the Times that you want your students to read? With the Actively Learn School Plan, you can add any internet article to your school's Independent Reading Library for your students to discover on their own:

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Can I View What My Students Are Reading On Their Own?

Yes, if you are on our Team Plan or higher. Every text a student completes and records a reaction to gets stored in the student's Reading Log, with all the details of the text. This can be viewed by the teacher as well as students. Teachers view the log in Reports and student view it in their Independent Reading Library. 

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