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Searching Independent Reading Library [Students]

The Actively Learn Independent Library consists of thousands of highly curated articles. Look through our massive collection of articles to find texts that meet your interests.

STEP 1: Go to the Independent Reading Library

STEP 2: Once in the Library you can filter the texts by your teachers additions, grade level, topics, ratings, length of text. 

STEP 3: You can also search for the text by topic, author, or publisher. 

STEP 4: Chose the text you want to read

You will see a little preview about the text, and what other students are saying about the text.


STEP 5: The texts will be added to "My Texts"

  • Either Stay in the Independent Reading Library

  • Or read the text right away

My texts

This section contains all the texts you have selected from the library.

Once you select the articles here, you will be re-directed to go and read the texts. 

Delete texts from "My Texts"

STEP 1: Select the delete icon

STEP 2: Select the text you want to remove, then press "next"

STEP 3: Select "Delete" the text will be removed from your texts. 

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