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Choose texts to read [students]

The Actively Learn Independent Library consists of thousands of highly curated articles that provide you the opportunity to choose texts you enjoy reading. Look through our massive collection of articles to find texts that meet your interests and hobbies. 

You can do this from: 

STEP 1: Go to the Independent Reading Library

STEP 2: Once in the Library you can filter the texts by your teachers additions, grade level, topics, ratings, length of text. 

STEP 3: You can also search for the text by topic, author, or publisher. 

STEP 4: Chose the text you want to read. 

You will see a little preview about the text, and what other students are saying about the text.


STEP 5: The texts will be added to "My Texts".

A section where all the articles you select to read are saved for you. At this stage You can chose to:

  • Either Stay in the Independent Reading Library

  • Or read the text right away

My texts

This section contains all the texts you have selected from the library.

Once you select the articles here, you will be re-directed to go and read the texts. 

Delete texts from "My Texts"

STEP 1: select the delete button

STEP 2: Select the text you want to remove, then press "next"

STEP 3: Select "Delete" the text will be removed from your texts. 

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