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Class Data

For each assignment you give your students in Actively Learn, information about how they are doing is generated.


The gradebook shows you all grades you have given to students, per assignment. In addition, the gradebook can be downloaded as a CSV file for use with Microsoft Excel, or another grading system.

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The activity report shows you quantitatively how your students are interacting with all of the texts you've assigned.

The data has several columns, and they are all sortable - just click on any column header and you will see the blue triangle showing you how it is being sorted. Be sure to select the date range you want to view Activity for. 

You can see:

  • How much time students have spent reading
  • How many questions students have responded to
  • How many times students have revised answers
  • What their current grade total is for the class
  • How many words they've defined
  • How many notes they've taken, and how many of those they have shared with the class.
  • How many words they have written
  • How many times they have viewed their peers' responses after submitting a response

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In the proficiency report, you can see how students are performing (and demonstrating proficiency) over three dimensions:

  1. Proficiency by Standard (skill)
  2. Proficiency by DoK Level
  3. Proficiency by Content (subject area)

For Standard & Content reports the list is sorted by level of proficiency. Note that to the right of the bar, you'll see an arrow indicating a trend if students have been doing better or worse in the last month. 

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For this report, you can see who has looked up which words, and how many times they have been looked up across all assignments.

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