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Student reports

For each assignment you give your students in Actively Learn, information about how they are doing is generated when you grade assignments, and students interact with the text.  

Reviewing student work on a daily basis can provide insights that can help you direct your focus to the areas and students that need the most support. The various data reports across Actively Learn at the Assignment, Class, and Student levels provide real-time metrics on how their students are engaging with texts, and how they are performing.

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Reports [Team Plan]

Student reports show you information about students whether for your specific class or across ALL of their classes in Actively Learn. It can be helpful to review how a student is doing to try and zero in on why a student may not be performing as expected. You can now view student reports in two ways. 

  • Report for all classes
  • Reports for your own class 

To do this:

STEP 1: Go to “Reports”. 

STEP 2: Select a student, or search to find a student's name. 

STEP 3: Select whether to view the report for all classes or your own.  

STEP 4: Student reports will appear, and can be navigated by the bar shown below.

Select what you want to view; Summary, Proficiency, Vocabulary, Writing, Reading Log or research.


Here you can see overall stats for a student.

Image title

When you scroll down a bit further, you can see the grading trend for that student over time. This will illuminate if students getting more Basic or Incompletes (Red) or more Advanced or Proficient (Green). 

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Helps you better understand how students are performing along School or District Standards, by content proficiency, by text complexity (Lexile levels) and DoK Levels. 

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Image title

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Each cell contains a vocabulary word, followed by a number located to the right of that word. The number represents the number of times a word has been defined by your students. The words are sorted by recency. The word will be highlighted in RED if it has been defined over 10 times. 

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It's always helpful to be able to show improvements in student writing over time. Every question a student has answered is listed out in this report, which is great for parent / teacher conferences, and class evaluations!

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Reading Log

This report gets populated when students read texts in their Independent Reading section.

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This report gets populated when students add texts to their My Research section. You can see the texts students are using for their research, where they obtained it, labels they use, as well # of notes added. 

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