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Connecting to Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom with Actively Learn can help manage class rosters, and centralize where you share assignments with students.

To use Google Classroom with Actively Learn, teachers and students both need to create Actively Learn accounts using their school Google Accounts.

Note: Popup blockers can prevent you from being able to import your classes correctly. Be sure to disable your popup blocker or allow popups from activelylearn.com to ensure a smooth import!

Importing Classes & Rosters

STEP 1: Click "Add new class"

STEP 2: Select "Import courses from Google Classroom"

STEP 3: Pick the classes you want to import from Google Classroom, then click "Import"

Note: If you are not the original creator of the course in Google Classroom, you can not import that course and roster to Actively Learn. However, once the original creator has imported the class into Actively Learn, you can be invited to co-teach for access.

Ensure students can access assignments 

Students will first need to create an Actively Learn account by signing up with their school Google Account. Students should use the "Sign Up With Google" button when creating a student account.

To see who has successfully joined your Actively Learn class, visit your class roster.

STEP 1: Select a class, then roster

Students in the roster can be 2 colors:

  1. Students with grey text still need to create an Actively Learn account by signing up with their school Google Account. (Use the red "Sign Up With Google" button when creating an account.)
  2. Students with black text have successfully joined the class.

Updating your class roster

Is your Actively Learn roster out of date? Did you have students join or leave your Google Classroom course after you imported your roster?

Just revisit your roster in Actively Learn and press the "Sync with Classroom" button.

Assigning Drafts in Classroom

When you assign a text to a class in Actively Learn it's automatically saved as a draft in that particular class in Classroom. To assign a draft in Classroom:

STEP 1: Select a class from your Classroom menu

STEP 2: Click on "Saved Posts" under a specific class stream. This will show Actively Learn assigned texts. 

STEP 3: Click on a text, add instruction, a due date and assign

Once a text is assigned you can view the student progress by going to the "Work" page. 

Syncing Grades with Classroom

Add the grades earned by students in Actively Learn to assignments in Classroom

STEP 1: Select "Sync Grade with Classroom" 

STEP 2: From your stream select an assignment to view the grades synced in Classroom. 

You can re-sync Grades with Classroom at any point. 

STEP 3: When you are ready to send a Grade to the student click on the box next to student name and click "Return".

 You can re-sync your Gradebook at any point to reflect changes in the Grade. 

Don't see the Google Classroom option? 

This might have happened if you had signed up with your personal gmail account or a non-school gmail account. You can fix this by changing your email to your school Google Account: Updating email to Google login 

Things to watch out for: 

Your School's 'Google Apps for Education Administrator' will need to enable classroom data access: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6250906.

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