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Connecting Actively Learn writing to Google Docs

Reading is not divorced from writing. To help connect the two for deeper learning, students can now import their answers, highlights, and notes from Actively Learn into Google Docs. Essays and projects can now be easily based off of student work, elevating the student's voice in a real world research experience.

After students make annotations and respond to questions on Actively Learn, they can place their answers, highlights, and notes from Actively Learn in a Google Doc. Those annotations and responses can be used when writing essays, reports, or projects. Using this add-on requires the Team plan or higher.

When teachers sign into the add-on, it will retrieve notes, highlights, and answers from Student Mode.

NOTE: Google does not currently support add-ons on iPads.

Installing the Google Doc add-on

STEP 1: Click here to view the the add-on in the Chrome Web Store. 

STEP 2: Click the "Free" button in the upper right to add it to your Google Docs.

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STEP 3: A pop up will appear requesting permission. Select "Allow".

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STEP 4: You are ready to start using the Add-on! An Actively Learn note will appear with information on how to open the app.

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How to use the Google Doc Add-on

STEP 1: To start, choose the Google Doc you would like to work in.

STEP 2: Then select the "Add-ons" tab in the Google Doc then select "Actively Learn" and "Open Sidebar".

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STEP 3: An Actively Learn bar will appear on the right hand side of the Google Doc. Select "Sign in with Actively Learn".

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STEP 4: You can then select the text you would like to import questions or notes from.

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STEP 5: After selecting the text, two tabs will appear. One with questions and answers, another with highlights and notes.

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STEP 6: When inserting your answers, highlights, and notes make sure that your cursor in the Google Doc is where you would like to insert your text.

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STEP 7: Your text will be added!

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