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Manage Permissions and Standards [School Plan]

Create custom standards

It's essential to track students progress towards standards. We know that not every school uses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), but use a state or other framework for this evaluation. To support varied standards and rubrics, you can create custom standards to align course work with state or school specific standards. 

STEP 1: Select standards in the main menu

This can be enabled by the Actively Learn team, or certain individuals with permissions at your school.

STEP 2: Select the plus icon from navigation bar  

STEP 3: Write in the title for your new standards and click "ADD" 

STEP 4: Choose " Add New Standard" and fill out the details you want and click "ADD"

STEP 5: Delete or edit Standards

STEP 6: Select "Publish Set" and it will go live for your teachers

Manage permissions to Reports & Standards

Give users access to school and teacher reports or permission to manage school standards. 

STEP 1: Select Manage Permissions from the main menu 

STEP 2 Check the name and permission for each teacher

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