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Can I integrate Actively Learn with an LMS?

Actively Learn does not currently have an LTI to integrate with LMSs such as Canvas or Schoology. We do provide a few things that can help share assignments with your students, and export your gradebook. Additionally, you can use Google Classroom to help manage your rosters and share assignments with your students. (More here)

Sharing assignment links with students

These unique links help students go directly to their Actively Learn assignment. In order for this to work, you'll need to have already assigned a text to an Actively Learn class with students in it.

Here's how to find assignment links that you can share with your students:

STEP 1: From your class assignments, click the "POST URL"

Image title

STEP 2: Select the assignments you want to share with your students, then click Next

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STEP 3: Copy assignment URL to the clipboard and paste it somewhere else for students, or use the "Share to Google Classroom" icon to post the link as an Assignment

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Exporting your Gradebook [Personal]

You can download your Gradebook as a CSV to upload your student's grades into LMS.

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